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Hartwell Deserves Empower

We believe in Empower. We believe Hartwell deserves a space to tend to their mental & physical health. We firmly believe there is no other business like ours in Hartwell that has such an amazing community and that can provide so much for those within it and those who have yet to join. We have been able to donate classes to important organizations, people and groups including the Domestic Violence Shelter and Connections for Special Parents. We want to continue to be able to do this work and better our entire Hartwell Community.

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Before Empower was forced to move, it was already a profitable business BEFORE the first year was through - that's almost unheard of! And it's all because of you. Because you believed in this studio and knew how important it was.

When Empower had to move, you showed up. You donated heaters, decorations, furniture, and more. You proved what an incredible community Empower truly is.

Your support in this business is unmatched and more appreciated than you will ever know!


Sadly, we are here once more to ask for assistance. We had been unable to catch up yet to the move just as gas prices began to skyrocket. We have had in just the last two weeks alone EIGHT new faces in the studio try our new member special. Of the ones whose new membership expired, they have became permanent members at the studio. And we know this growth is going to continue - it's going to explode!

However, we haven't been able to catch up on a higher rent and the gas necessary to drive to the space Monday through Saturday. We aren't ready to give up. We are going to fight to keep this business not just alive, but THRIVING.

What does Empower need?

We simply need help meeting our rent. Any donations you make to Empower will go directly to cover our rent due on the 1st of each month. The extra income from memberships and pass purchases, etc. will continue to go directly to paying our instructors Dominee, Dawn, Gigi and Ellen - as well as toward professional carpet cleaning, potentially a bit more work on the studio to make it truly home, and possibly even a mirror or two for our clients who miss them. 

There is no donation that is too small. If donating through Paypal, you have the option to make your donation recurring, so make sure it's not checked if this is a one time donation. I know times are hard for all of us right now. But we need to be able to take care of our body and mind even more so right now.

How can I donate?

We accept donations via Paypal (with the option of monthly reoccuring donations) here:

We accept donations via Venmo here: @kimbrena-cravens 

We accept donations via Zelle @ 7064363738

We accept donations via Cashapp @ $kimbrena


8 Benson St. Suite B, Hartwell, GA 30643

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