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Yoga 101: Your Personal Yoga Journey
Foundation & Stability Workshop

Join us at Empower Yoga Hartwell for our second workshop in the series: Folds & Twists. (Previous workshop attendance is not necessary) This session is dedicated to learning how to perform essential folds and bends in the best way for our own bodies.

Workshop Details:
Focus: Folds & Twists
When: June 16th, 1pm
Location: Empower Yoga Hartwell, 8 Benson St. Suite B Hartwell, GA 30643
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours 
Why Foundation & Stability?
Twists and folds are essential practices in yoga that enhance flexibility, improve digestion, relieve tension, and promote spinal health. By mindfully practicing within the mobility of your own body, you can maximize these benefits safely and effectively to get the most out of your practice.
What We'll Cover:
Core Folding and Twisting Poses: We'll explore essential folding/bending and twisting asanas from standing forward folds, Head to Knee pose, Gate pose, Half Lord of the Fishes, and more.
Hands-On Adjustments: Receive individualized attention with hands-on adjustments, ensuring you find the correct alignment and can feel the stability in each pose.
Exploration of Variations and Modifications: Everyone's body is different. We will delve into various modifications and variations of each pose, empowering you to understand and choose what works best for your unique physique and needs.
This workshop is perfect for yogis of all levels who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of twists and folds. You'll leave feeling more educated and empowered, ready to listen to your body and align your practice to your unique needs. Join us to enhance your yoga journey with personalized alignment and mindful movement.

Spaces are limited to ensure a personalized and focused experience. Sign up today to secure your spot in this transformative workshop at Empower Yoga Hartwell. Let's build the foundation you deserve, together.

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