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Q&A's about our upcoming workshop!

Curious about why you should consider coming to our workshop this Sunday? May 19th, 1pm

1. What is the Foundation and Stability Workshop?

   - It's a workshop designed to help participants strengthen their yoga foundations, focusing on balance, strength, and flexibility.

2. Who is this workshop for?

   - Anyone interested in yoga, whether you're a beginner or looking to deepen your existing practice.

3. Do I need any yoga experience to join?

   - No, this workshop is suitable for all levels, including beginners.

4. What will I learn in the workshop?

   - You’ll learn essential yoga poses, alignment techniques, and the fundamentals of creating a stable and effective yoga practice. You’ll practice learning how the poses FEEL instead of worrying about how they LOOK.

5. How long is the workshop?

   - Our workshops are anywhere from 1-2 hours long.

6. What should I bring to the workshop?

   - Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and any personal yoga props you prefer to use. We have limited props available for borrowing, so if you don’t have those things, don't let that hold you back! Also, you might want to bring a notebook or something if you like to take notes!

7. Where is it located?

   - At Empower Yoga Hartwell, 8 Benson St. Suite B, Hartwell, GA.

8. How do I sign up?

   - You can sign up through our website or app, email us at, text or call 706.436.373, or stop by the studio to register in person.

9. Is there a fee for the workshop?

   - Our workshops are $35.

10. What should I wear?

    - Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

11. Can I come if I have a physical limitation?

    - Absolutely. Please let us know in advance so we can accommodate your needs and offer modifications.

12. Who will be teaching the workshop?

    - The workshop will be led by Empower Yoga Hartwell’s owner, Kimbrena Blair.

13. How many people will be in the workshop?

    - We keep our workshops small to ensure personal attention, so space is limited.

14. What are the benefits of attending this workshop?

    - You'll gain a stronger, more stable yoga foundation, which can improve your overall practice, enhance your physical health, and increase your mental clarity. You’ll learn how to move your body in safe ways, preventing injuries on and off of the mat. You’ll learn to become more in-tune with your body.

15. Is parking available at the studio?

    - Yes, there is ample parking available at the studio.

16. Will there be any follow-up classes recommended after this workshop?

    - Yes, we recommend continuing with our regular classes to keep building on what you learn during the workshop.

17. Can I eat before the workshop?

    - While everyone’s body is different, we recommend eating a light meal a couple of hours before the workshop to keep your energy up without feeling too full.

18. How early should I arrive before the workshop starts?

    - Arriving 15 minutes early will give you enough time to settle in and start relaxed.

19. Is there any special equipment used in the workshop?

    - We use standard yoga equipment like mats, blocks, and straps, all of which help in mastering foundational poses.

20. How can this workshop help with my overall well-being?

    - By improving your physical stability and balance, you also gain mental and emotional benefits, contributing to overall well-being.

21. Can I bring a friend or family member?

    - Absolutely, we encourage you to bring as many as you want along! Just make sure they register in advance as well.

22. How often do you hold these workshops?

    - We have workshops scheduled monthly for the next 6 months.

23. Where can I leave feedback after the workshop?

    - We love hearing from you! You can leave a review on our facebook page, google business page, as well as via email or social media!

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