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You are welcome at Empower!

Welcome to Empower Yoga Hartwell, a sanctuary in Hartwell, GA, where inclusivity and body positivity bloom. Here, we believe that every individual is on a unique journey, deserving of love and self-care at every stage. Our ethos centers around enhancing mental health and embracing movement as self-care, and not just the means to an aesthetic end. We are all here to discover our happiest and healthiest self. ​At Empower, we welcome all bodies and all fitness levels, creating a nurturing space where everyone feels enough just as they are.​Join us in our journey of self-growth, mental health, strength, mobility, and flexibility. Join us as we celebrate our progress toward a long, healthy, and joyful life.



Mental & Physical Health are Intrinsically Linked

A woman is practicing chair yoga, with arms outstretched. in the background, the yoga studio wall is covered in fairy lights.

Empower is a welcoming space where individuals can embark on their own unique paths toward their happiest and healthiest self. We aim to foster mental clarity and self-awareness through our yoga classes, harmoniously blending with the development of physical strength, flexibility, and endurance of our sculpt, pilates, barre and other fitness classes. At our studio, every journey is celebrated, fostering an inclusive environment where anyone can find their own harmonious balance of mind and body.


Classes for Everyone

At Empower Yoga Hartwell, we offer a wide range of classes to suit every need and skill level. From gentle Yoga to hot Yoga Sculpt, from Pilates and Barre classes to Chair Strength & Balance, we have something for everyone. Check out our schedule or reach out to us to find your perfect class!


What Our Clients Say

Having moved here from Atlanta, I was worried I would not find the level of exercise and meditation options I was used to enjoying. What a joy to have Empower Yoga in Hartwell! Kimi has arranged a great variety of classes - yoga (beginner, hot, gentle, challenging), sculpt, barre-lattes, and even dance/movement as mettaphor! Each instructor brings their own spin to their class but they all are highly capable, energizing, and care deeply about class participants. We are so lucky to have Empower Yoga here!

Mindy M

I appreciate their approach to yoga being for everyone, every age and every body type. They care not just about the skill but the mindset as well.

Megan M.

Taking yoga classes has become an essential part of my life. I enjoy and benefit from each session whether it's gentle or intense. I have gained strength and endurance which enables me to play golf and travel into my 70s.

Bonne O.

Contact Us


8 Benson St Suite B

Hartwell, GA 30643



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