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Is Empower the right studio for me? We hope so! Here are some of the views that are most important to us at Empower.

-We believe in the radical celebration of all people.

-We believe yoga in all its practices and all other classes we offer should be safe, accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for anyone who wants to practice.

-We believe in bold advocacy for those experiencing oppression and marginalization in any form.


Can I take classes for free? While Empower does offer sliding scale pricing in certain circumstances, the only free classes would be found on the events page.


Do I have to sign up for classes beforehand? While walk-ins are allowed after you have created your account and signed your health waiver, please be aware that if you do not book your class beforehand, a space in class cannot always be guaranteed. If our class sizes are maxed out, only those who have reserved a space will be able to attend.


Can I share my membership with anyone else? The only memberships you can share with anyone else would be a single class pass or your 6 class pass, as long as your friend has an account created on Empower’s website or app and has signed their health waiver. In order for someone else to use any of your passes, you must be taking the class with them.


Do you have livestream classes? No. Empower does offer a few memberships that allow access to our large video library of classes at any time. These memberships are Monthly Unlimited and Empower Online.

How do I see the calendar of classes? Visit in a web-browser or by clicking ‘Services’ tab in app. Download our app here.


Do classes ever change? Classes, times, locations, and instructors are subject to change without notice. We encourage you to download the "Fit by Wix" app to receive up-to-date notifications about any class change, bookmark, and consult the online calendar before heading to the studio. Download our app here.


What is Empower’s refund policy? All sales are final. There are no refunds or credits for any purchase.





What do I wear to yoga class? Wear clothing that you are comfortable in that allows free range of motion.


What should I bring to class? Yourself! A bottle of water. We provide mats and any props that will be used in class, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.


Can I still come if I don’t feel well? No. Students displaying any symptoms of illness will not be permitted to practice and we ask that anyone ill stay home instead of risking infecting others.


Can I practice with an injury or medical condition? Empower welcomes students of all abilities. If you have any health or mobility concerns, we highly recommend receiving clearance from your health care providers prior to practice as we are not medical professionals and do not distribute medical advice of any kind.


Should I eat before class? This all depends on your own body. Most students feel best if they haven’t eaten a heavy meal or drank a lot of liquids right before class. However, we are kind to our body and provide it the fuel necessary to practice safely. Know your body, be kind to your body.


What is Empower’s mask policy? Empower does not require masks, but supports any student’s desire to wear one. Masked or not, please do not come to the studio if you suspect you might be ill in any way.



How do I find the studio? Empower Yoga Hartwell is located at 8 Benson St, Hartwell GA 30643. We share the building with our local newsletter, the Hartwell Sun. When facing the building, our side is the right hand side.


Is there parking at the studio? Yes. While we request students try not to park directly in front of the Hartwell Sun side of the building, there is ample parking space including handicapped parking spots.


What if I can’t attend class? You can de-register for any class without penalty up to an hour before class. Failure to cancel within the window of time allowed will result in your pass being used.


If I'm running late can the door be left unlocked for me? No. To protect the safety of our teachers and students as well as to ensure an uninterrupted practice, doors will unlock at class time until class ends.


Will I be charged if I miss a class? Yes. If you are attending classes with a single class pass or 6 class pack will be charged a class credit for no-shows. We highly recommend downloading our app so it’s easier to deregister from your class.


What if I need to leave class early? Students are expected to stay for the duration of class. If a special occasion has arrived, please let your instructor know prior to the beginning of class and leave as quietly as you can. It is important for all to be respectful of our fellow students and not leave class during savasana.


Can my child hang out in the studio during class? No. Empower does not offer childcare at our studio. The only ones allowed in the building during class times are our teachers and students.


Can I leave my mat at the studio? If you have an unlimited membership to Empower, a perk of your membership is storing your mat at the studio as long as it bears your name.


I left my belongings at the studio, are they still there? Empower donates unclaimed items monthly.


Please silence or turn off your phones upon entering the studio and leave it in your locked vehicle or with your shoes, jacket or belonging on the shelving provided by Empower Yoga Hartwell. Please be aware that Empower cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings, so please be mindful of what you bring.

Please remove your shoes before entering our practice space and allow other students a quiet space to prepare for class.

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