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Empower Yoga Hartwell's Policies

Please take as much time as you need to look over our policies. These policies are subject to change (announced in email newsletter for anyone who has created an account) 

Memberships, Registration, & Booking:

- Before attending any classes at Empower, you must create an account on our website or app and sign a Release & Liability Waiver. You are free to sign a waiver in person as well, but please arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand so you have time to do so before class begins, or you’ll be unable to attend class.


- For the safety of instructors and clients alike, there must be at least 2 students signed up for class for class to continue.

        - Classes before 10am will cancel by 10pm the night before if there are not enough sign ups.

        - Classes after 10am will cancel 2 hours before class time if there are not enough sign ups. 

You will be notified of cancellation via an email to the email address your account is signed up with.

- You are welcome to sign up last minute for classes, but remember if you don't sign up before the 2 hour window the class runs a chance of being cancelled and you will not be guaranteed a class to attend.


- For late cancellation (within 2 hours of class time) and no-shows, your class pass will be used, if applicable.


- Unlimited & reoccurring memberships will automatically renew on a monthly basis and must be cancelled via email to two weeks before it is set to renew. If you request cancellation after the two week window your membership may still process but will not renew again.

At class time:

- Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class time to set up and get settled before beginning of class time. Please be on your mat at the start time of class. Doors unlock 5 minutes after class starts.

Doors unlock 15 minutes before the start of class. If you've arrived early, please respect our instructors and possibly private client's time and do not bang or shake on the door prior to 15 minutes before class. 


- Please remove shoes upon entry at the studio unless you are taking our Zumba class. If taking Zumba, please bring a clean pair of shoes with you to change into to keep our floors clean.


- No phones during class: if you choose to bring your phone into the studio, please silence it and leave it with your belongings so you and all participants can enjoy an uninterrupted hour of self care.


- Always silence fitness watches/devices prior to the start time of class.

- Do not attend class if you are sick or think you might be becoming sick.


- Please be mindful of hygiene. Avoid strong smells, but please arrive clean and deodorized! Our classes can get sweaty, let's present our best self for ourself and other participants!

- Stay for savasana - if you must leave early, please alert your instructor prior to the start time of class!

-Clean your props - Empower supplies disinfecting wipes. If you've used Empower props, please wipe them down thoroughly with a disinfectant wipe and put up your mat, blocks, straps, as you found them. Please fold your blanket and return it with the rest of the blankets.

Refunds & Returns

- All purchases are non-refundable


- We do not offer extensions on class passes or intro offers.


- In the event that a class, workshop, or event is cancelled by Empower due to illness, weather, or otherwise, you will be credited a class pass or workshop/event ticket to use as you wish at a later date

Lost Items

- Empower is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in the building or parking lot. We do gather lost/abandoned items, however. Please reach out to the studio if you are missing anything.

After 30 days, any abandoned items will be donated. 

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