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Questions for Saturday Mornings at Empower

As we gear up for the changing seasons and upcoming time change, it's time to check in on our Saturday regulars!

Here's the question: do we want to go back to earlier class times so there's more time to enjoy our Saturday morning sunshine, or do we like the current class times?

Are we interested in yoga only? Dance only? What about if the classes alternated every other Saturday?

Saturday Morning Class Time

  • 0%9am - yoga only

  • 0%9am - dance party cardio only

  • 0%9am - yoga & dance alternating weekly

  • 0%9:30 - yoga only

You can vote for more than one answer.

Do you have a suggestion that's not in the poll? Drop a comment below or message us!

Thanks so much for your help and insight! Without you, there is no studio, so it's up to us to offer exactly what you might need!

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