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A poll for our Empower Community (please answer even if you aren't a regular)

We are gearing up for remodeling our schedule for the back to school/fall time period. Your insight would be so helpful!

What time slot would you like to see more classes in? (choose as many as you like, comment specifics)

  • 0%6am or earlier

  • 0%7am

  • 0%11:30am

  • 0%12:15pm

You can vote for more than one answer.

What classes are your favorite?

  • 0%Yoga

  • 0%Sculpt

  • 0%Barre

You can vote for more than one answer.

What do you want to see more classes of?

  • Yoga

  • Sculpt

  • Barre

  • Shorter classes (lunch hour, etc.)

Would you like to see more... (leave specifics in the comments, please!)

  • Workshops (leave a comment on which you'd like to see)

  • Special events (Soundbaths, pop-up classes, yoga un(WINE)d )

  • Meditation workshop/classes

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3 commentaires

22 juil. 2022

I love the pop up classes. They are a fun surprise!! I enjoy a great restorative class with blocks, bolsters and straps.


Michael Weis
Michael Weis
21 juil. 2022

Not sure what a workshop is, but I'd like to see a class in Elberton in evening.


Michael Weis
Michael Weis
21 juil. 2022

Challenging Hot Yoga without the Sculpt. Just the poses.

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