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Commit to yourself. (With journal prompts)

Think of things you have committed to. A relationship? A friendship? A job? A child?

What do any of these commitments look like?

Do they look like looking for shortcuts?

For only putting half of your effort or care into?

Usually, the things we commit to we must commit our full attention, care, and priority to; we can’t keep a job if we only show up when we feel like it. We can’t effectively build a strong relationship with a partner, child, or friend unless we put in the work and time.

Another important part of commitment and relationships is taking responsibility for your actions.

What actions, exactly?

It could be how you spend your time, your energy, the choices you make that help or hurt this commitment. Maybe there are beliefs you cling to that hurt your commitment to yourself. "I can't do xyz" "I'm not strong enough", etc.

We must take active steps to unpack, uproot and rebuild our priorities, our behaviors, and our beliefs in order to reclaim your power and grow.

No one can make this commitment to yourself except for you. We must take active steps to try to heal from traumas that hold us back or try to keep us in a victim mindset.

We must be honest with ourself.


Get out of your comfort zone. Take risks. Try something new. Show up for yourself.

If your current routine is not helping you, running on the hamster wheel faster isn’t going to bring the changes you want and need. It’s getting out of the cycle and blazing a new path that is going to lead you to where you truly want to be.

If saying “yes” to the same things over and over keeps you exactly where you are, say no this time. Establish boundaries that help you give yourself the time you need to take care of yourself. Maybe this means we must filter out toxic people rom our lives. Maybe this looks like removing temptation that leads you from your goals and priorities. Surround yourself with people that help you grow and follow these commitments to yourself, go places that inspire you to keep going. This can be uncomfortable. Scary. It can be met with resistance, but keep going. You deserve it.


Evaluate your lifestyle, choices & behaviors.

  • Are these helping you reach your goals or is it holding you back?

  • What needs to change for you to reach your maximum potential or your goals of self commitment?

  • What beliefs do you hold about yourself that is holding you back?

  • Who or what has an influence in these beliefs, lifestyles, choices and behaviors? Is there someone you allow into your life and give too much power to?

  • Where is your fear, guilt and shame coming from?

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