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NEW WORKSHOP! Interview with Andrea Bell

Tell us about yourself!

I am another yourself, of course!

What first led you toward your interest in meditation and movement?

What first led me into conscious movement? I struggled with extreme eating disorders which led me to seek out gym life and any way I could think to burn calories and force my body into something I thought would make me whole and lovable. After years of overriding my instincts and adopting the “no pain- no gain” mentality I suffered more and more. One day I ( under unusual conditions) entered a mindful dance class after having mocked it for years…I mean, they were smiling and laughing and expressing and having a grand ol’ time all around the room and I thought a) I could never be THAT free and b) how could they be changing their bodies while having fun?! I mean sometimes.. they were barely even moving! Little did I know that one class would change my life forever. I was 32. I am as of today 53… I never looked back What would you say to those interested in attending this workshop but afraid it might be out of their comfort zone? I would say YES!! It very well might be! …and hopefully in all the very best possible ways!!! I was freaked out too in the beginning. And some days still- haha! Come awake and alive into this body and mind I felt betrayed me with its cravings, unruliness and imperfections?!?! And in front of others?!?! Oh my! From that first class, I’ve never turned back. So come come come! Nothing too scary here ;) Does someone need to be a good dancer in order to take your workshop? Thank goodness no! Just willing to show up and breathe What have you found to be the greatest benefits one will begin to experience as they continue to learn more about Movement as a Mettaphor? A quote I love a lot sums this up:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that. The world needs more people who have come alive” ~ Howard Thurman

This is my hope Facilitating classes that bring us alive to ourselves and our worlds. What is one common misconception about what you do or teach? Perhaps to anyone unfamiliar with mantra, that this would be against any religion, or lack there of? Mantra simply means “ tool of the mind”. We meet the mind where it is and learn to use it instead of be used by it. If I could only choose one thing as a takeaway learned? Metta Om

Andrea's first workshop is the last Sunday of August, August 27th at 12:15. RSVP NOW!

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